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The GeoRisk project, reference PID2019-103974RB-I00 is funded by MCIN/ AEI/10.13039/501100011033.




Field work

Modeling natural hazards requires acquiring data from real observations of the phenomenon to model. In Rockrisk project several field work is being carried out in order to validate and calibrate the resultant models of our research.

Our field work focuses on obtaining tridimensional surface models of unstable rock slopes using photogrammetric techniques and laser scanner for the measurement of the discontinuity sets, carrying out exhaustive inventories of recent rockfall events in which fragmentation controlled the behavior of the process and finally performing several real scale in-situ rockfall tests in controlled environments. All this data is being used in different mathematical models to study fragmentary rockfalls.

In this section the results of field works carried out up to date are summarized. For more updated information check the bibliography section in which last publications of the field work performed are listed.