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Rockfall Fragtal Fragmentation Model (RFFM)


Rockfall Fractal Fragmentation Model (RFFM) has been implemented in Excel in order to calibrate the model parameters and observe their behavior. From a In-situ Block Size Distribution (IBSD) the distribution of blocks that could be generated on a rockfall is calculated as a function of different degrees of fragmentation, controlled by the model parameters. The use of a real Rockfall Block Size Distribution (RBSD) from the field measurements allows calibration parameters. This tool can be DOWNLOADED HERE.

For more information or to cite, check the article: Ruiz-Carulla, R., Corominas, J. & Mavrouli, O. A fractal fragmentation model for rockfalls. Landslides (2016) doi:10.1007/s10346-016-0773-8 Full paper Editorial version