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RockGIS is a program of three-dimensional simulation of rockslides in a GIS environment. This program includes a Rockfall Fractal Fragmentation Model (RFFM), a module that allows fragmentation consider this phenomenon in simulations to improve hazard analysis required for risk quantification by rockslides. An example of graph pass frequency blocks in Coll de Pal (Baga, Spain) considering fragmentation (right) and without considering (left) is shown. Note that results in scope and frequency of passage differ significantly.

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Matas G., Lantada N., Corominas J. , Gili J.A., Ruiz-Carulla R., Prades A. (2017). RockGIS: A GIS-based model for the analysis of fragmentation in rockfalls. Landslides 14(5), 1565-1578. DOI.doi:10.1007/s10346-017-0818-7. The final publication is available at Springer via Full paper

Matas G. (2020) Modelling fragmentation in rockfalls. Tesis doctoral del programa de Ingeniería del Terreno. Dpto. de Ingeniería de Ingeniería Civil y Ambiental (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. UPC-BarcelonaTech). Full paper

Matas G., Lantada N., Corominas J., Gili J.A., Ruiz-Carulla R., Prades A. (2020) Simulation of full-scale rockfall tests with a fragmentation model. Geosciences, 10 (5), 168, Special Issue "Rock Fall Hazard and Risk Assessment(abrir en una ventana nueva)"