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Work team



The work team of this project is integrated by the following membres.

Main researchers:

Jordi Corominas Dulcet ¹

Nieves Lantada Zarzosa ¹

Work team members and researchers

Felipe Buill Pozuelo ¹

Josep A. Gili Ripoll ¹

Joan Martínez Bofill ¹

José Moya Sánchez ¹

Mª Amparo Núñez Andrés ¹

Albert Prades Valls ¹

Càrol Puig Polo ¹

Antonio Abellán Fernández 2

Olga Christina Mavrouli 3

Gerard Matas Casadó 4

Raúl Oorthuis Gómez 4

Roger Ruíz Carulla 5

Lluís Saló Salgado 6


The members of the team belong to two different research groups recognised by the Catalan Governmnet (Generalitat de Catalunya):

  • EngGeoModels Group: Monitoring and modeling in engineering geology (SGR 68) whose coordinator is Marcel Hürlimann
  • EGEO Group: Geomatics Engineering (SGR 0284) whose coordinator is Mª Amparo Núñez Andrés


1 Professor/Lecturer, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (Barcelona, Spain)
2 Lecturer in Engineering Geology. Institute of Applied Geosciences. University of Leeds (UK).
3 Post-doctoral researcher. ITC (ESA) University of Twente (Nederland)
4 FPI scolarship (Formación de Personal Investigador)
Post-doctoral researcher. Intenational Centre for Numerical Methods in Engineering (CIMNE)

6 Pre-doctoral researcher, Deparment of Civil and Environmental Engineering,Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Cambridge, MA)